Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Audition time!

I decided to throw the blog to the winds for the duration of August, but I'm sure you were all too busy getting in some last-minute hammock time to notice.

However, it's September! And that means...audition time!

The one and only place to go for audition information is the Greater Boston Choral Consortium site, bostonsings.org. Their audition page has pretty much everything on it. However, if you don't see your chorus of choice listed there, you should still assume they are auditioning and contact them directly.

One group that is not listed there is one of my new groups, The Notables. The Notables are a women's a cappella group that meets and performs on Wednesday mornings. For the first half of the fall and spring semesters, rehearsals are 9:30-11:30 on Wednesday mornings in the Wellesley/Weston area. For the second half of the semester, each Wednesday morning we visit a different senior center or retirement home, and perform! We are particularly looking for a high soprano and a low alto, so if you like a cappella music (think "Java Jive" and "Mister Sandman") please contact me to set up an audition!

And one group that is listed there is my other new group, the Arlington-based women's chorus Cantilena. We are holding open rehearsals, with auditions after rehearsals, all Mondays in September. Details are here. We, too, are looking for anyone in general and high sopranos in particular, so if you are interested in singing some awesome Scandanavian music that is on our fall program (Sallinen, Rautavaara, and Rachmaninoff, oh my!) contact me!

One group that is not listed on bostonsings.org is Handel & Haydn. They are professional; if you want to audition for them, details are here. One thing they don't mention is that the deadline for receiving audition tapes/CD's is October 1st, so if you don't already have a recording of yourself, time to start planning!

Also not listed on bostonsings.org is information about the Christmas Revels, which I hear is time-consuming but always a good time; information for that is here. There are spots for both adults and children.

If you have information about other groups that are auditioning, please leave it in the comments!


  1. I fell in love with the brandenburg concertos this summer. I know little about classical music .Where can I hear chamber music in Boston? And, where can I find a listening class of classical music? They don't seem to exist anymore?
    thank you in advance.

  2. @ Judy:

    I'm glad you're discovering classical music! To find chamber music concerts, I recommend the Boston Globe, actually - just go to their music page at http://www.boston.com/ae/music/ or search the calendar for classical music concerts.

    I also recommend the Gardner Museum series (http://www.gardnermuseum.org/music/concertmain.asp) and keeping your eye on the schedules for NEC and Longy. Longy in particular has a great deal of chamber music absolutely free.