Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weekend Concert Calendar, 3/20/08

Pretty much every Thursday the following thought crosses my brain: "Doot'n doo, what do I have to get done this evening? Oh, crap, I have to write up the Weekend Concert Calendar!" (Not that I don't do it out of love, but it does generally take over an hour.)

This week, the following thought crossed my brain: "Doot'n doo, what do I have to get done this evening? Oh, crap, I have to write up the Weekend Concert Calendar! Oh, but it's Holy Week, so that will take all of two seconds."

Well, maybe more than two seconds, but the fact remains that many singers and directors are busy with Christian-related activities (even the non-Christians) so the concert calendar this weekend is rather slim.

By the way, a disclaimer that you have probably already figured out: as a general rule I do not post notices of church services, even special ones, and I do not post notices of solo (or duet or what-have-you) vocal recitals. There are just too many events in each category. Obviously if I am personally excited about something, you may hear about it, but in general, that's my policy. So, for example, I'm probably not going to tell you that Handel and Haydn is doing a concert set this weekend called "Italian Virtuosi" with Dominique Labelle, soprano. That would be a typical example of something I probably wouldn't mention.

That said, what do we have this weekend?


Because it is a world premiere, I will mention that the Cathedral Choir of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul at 138 Tremont St., Boston is premiering The Passion According to St. John by Karl Henning as part of their Good Friday liturgy. Performance at noon.

Trinity Church will present Bach's St. John Passion at 5:30. More details here. Trinity Church is in Copley Square.

On Friday and also Saturday (and tonight, but too late now) the BSO is performing Bach's St. Matthew Passion. This is at 7 pm at Symphony Hall. Details at their website. Haitink conducting.


There is one really exciting concert this week that I was very annoyed that I won't be able to make. The Orpheus Singers, directed by James Olesen (whom I just think is the bee's knees) will perform a concert of Irving Fine, Claudio Monteverdi, Marjorie Merryman, Donald Martino, and Seymour Shifrin. The Orpheus Singers is a pretty high-class deal - the singers I know who are in it are all professional-level - and what's more, it's FREE. This will be at the Slosberg Music Center at Brandeis University.

Also, those operas I reviewed a few days ago? Put on by Juventas and OperaHub? You can go see them yourself at 8 pm! At Boston Conservatory, 8 The Fenway, Boston.


Honestly, I got nuthin'. Paint some eggs, eat some chocolate, see you next week!

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