Thursday, January 18, 2007

AMC Mountains and Music

[This post has been edited from the original post, because it turns out that we do have enough altos, but not enough on any other voice part.]

This is an attempt to recruit singers for a conducting gig I have coming up!

Three times a year, the Appalachian Mountain Club sponsors a "Mountains and Music" weekend. This coming February it's up in Pinkham Notch in NH. You pay a registration fee that covers your board, all meals except lunch, and activities (such as hiking or snow-shoeing.) People show up for the weekend, make some music, do some outdoor activities, sit by the fire and read...whatever they feel like. I myself plan on doing some downhill skiing. I'll be directing the chorus, and right now we need more singers on all voice parts (although we are actually all set for altos, and we are rather desperate for men.) And we all put on a little concert at the end of the weekend with the orchestra (we'll be doing Haydn's Missa in Tempore Belli) so we need to have a little balance!

Information is here. There is no audition, or anything, and a wide range of musical experience, so it's a very low-stress experience. If you sing, and want to sing with me, think about signing up!


  1. I'll sing for you! But... rehearsals would be rather far away.
    :( Shucks!
    Have fun with that. It looks like an awesome opportunity.

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! If I were closer . . . have a blast conducting and skiing.