Saturday, June 24, 2006


Post-Spoleto, my life consists of applying for jobs, procrastinating from applying for jobs by surfing the web, reading, and watching TV (although I'm getting fed up with TV because there is increasingly little on of interest), trying to exercise every day and sometimes succeeding, and trying to be alone as much as possible to make up for the past year. The job hunt is frustrating - I'm discovering that there are far fewer private school choral teacher jobs out there than I thought, and public schools require certification, which I'm utterly willing to work towards but don't currently have. And all college jobs require a doctorate, or at least an ABD, which apparently means someone who has completed all the doctoral work except the dissertation. (I'll bet you didn't know that. See, you learned something today! What a good teacher I am! Hire me!)

So, time to turn to the internet for help! Here are my resumes - here's the education-oriented one, and here's the conducting-oriented one. If you know of any openings, please let me know, and if you feel like flinging my resume out into the world, please feel more than free to do so. (I wonder if anyone has ever had idea of putting resumes in bottles and flinging them into the surf as part of a job hunt. Couldn't hurt, right?)

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  1. Skyler9:51 AM

    Well, one of my friends recommended posting my resume on That's a way of flinging it out...