Saturday, February 19, 2005


Very sick for the past few days...just generic flu, something that makes me want to just sleep and sleep. I started feeling tired on Thursday morning. I got through all my classes that day, but I only went to my 9 am class on Friday (for a listening test) and then went home to bed. Today, unfortunately, I had a performance and a rehearsal. The performance was a piece for women's chorus that a friend of mine wrote, and the assembling of the chorus and performance was step one in my plan to dominate the world form a permanent women's chorus to perform new music and for me to conduct. In this respect, it was pretty successful - I have about 5-6 people on board for a permanent group, I think. And the performance went quite well - it was a rock-crossover piece, with two pianos - one being played conventionally, and one being banged inside. We were definitely the biggest event on the program. There was some other good stuff, in particular some short piano pieces that were brief, but very meaty. Well-constructed. There was also some folk music, which was interesting - folk music is generally performed in such a different environment that I think the performer had a little difficulty when the normal "working the crowd" thing that's so standard in clubs didn't get a big response.

After that (partly since I was already on campus) I went to the rehearsal of another Westminster composer's work for his upcoming senior recital. I didn't sing, b/c of my illness, and planned to just sit in the back, but then the piano player didn't show up, so I ended up accompanying the whole rehearsal. I thought I did pretty well - I didn't know I still had that much keyboard sight-reading in me.

And now to bed. I have Angelique Kidjo on the stereo - I'm hoping she'll give me enough energy to clean my room a little of old teacups and uneaten food before I zonk out.

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