Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The spring semester begins...

Winter break is over, and the spring semester is begun! Winter break felt far too short to squeeze in all the visitings I wanted to, but I suppose that was inevitable. And as my spring schedule starts, I'm very much wishing I had concentrating on sleeping more during my break, as it doesn't look like it will happen much this semester!

I am taking:

Choral Literature II
Introduction to Musicology
Rachmaninoff Choral Works
Conducting II
Conducting Lab
Symphonic Choir
Westminster Choir

In addition:
a voice lesson
a composition lesson
and, as I am a graduate assistant for Conducting Techniques, a 10-minute meeting with 16 students once a week, as well as occasionally attending their class
occasional Master Singers rehearsals twice a week

In addition:
I am planning on starting up my own chorus. It will be a women's chorus, and it will (of course!) focus on new music. The amount of work this will involve is already daunting me, but I already told a composer I'd perform her work. I received the piece today - it looks very good, and like it'll be a lot of fun.

Might as well hit the ground running.

With all this on my plate, I'm thinking that I will not have time for taekwondo. This is not a decision that's made yet...but I didn't manage to go during the last half of last semester, and this semester will be even busier. I plan to set aside time to exercise by myself, but getting to classes at Princeton when they're held at 9 pm at night will be tough.

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